How are Retired Athletes Using CBD?

How are Retired Athletes Using CBD?

Recovery from injuries may take longer than they expected.

How are Retired Athletes Using CBD?

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By Guest Author.April 9th, 2020Add to my list

Retiring is difficult for everyone. It takes on a different meaning for professional athletes though. For years, their job kept them in the public eye. It required them to keep their body in tip-top condition. Their sport and their fitness was their life. The situation can be even harder for professional athletes who were forced to retire because of an injury or decline in performance. 

Retiring professional athletes struggle with depression, lack of purpose, and joblessness. They need to learn how to become fully developed individuals who have an identity outside of their sport life. This is because most athletes come into success and fame when they are relatively young. Success comes when they are forming their personality. When this identity is gone, athletes can suffer a loss of meaning in their life and a loss of self-worth. 

Keeping Up with Personal Fitness Goals after Retirement 

For most professional athletes, once their playing years are done, so is their regular workout routine. While athletics is their profession, exercise is part of the job. Once that is done, they no longer have motivation to train. 

For most professional athletes, physical goals defined their teenage years and young adult life. It is a process for retired professional athletes to transition into finding self-motivation for personal fitness. But it can be done if there is a program set in place to help them. A good program might include: 

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